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Repair and Maintenance of Flange

Repair and Maintenance of Flange

Flange cover (flange joint)

Flange cover is mainly used for flange connection and anticorrosion in all industrial.

The head of flange of this product is used to product the flange surface (raised surface or ring joint). The double end studs and gaskets free from corrosion. The product is suitable for the 316 stainless steel and non-metallic (plastic), its manufacturing dimensions are 1/2-144 Inch ANSI, API and AWWA flange connection diameter. Flange sealing system combining with the flange packing can be used in harsh environment for protection.

Structure of flange sealing cover: 

316 stainless steel belt or non-metallic belt;

316 stainless steel castings;

316 SS worm gear fixture;

The chlorinated rubber layer of sealing groove (temperature: from – 34.4°C to 82°C);

ECH rubber pad (temperature: from – 34.4°C to 149°C) safety relief valve can release 5 psi.

Advantages of high quality flange sealing cover: it is easy to install, detect and connect. What’s more, it is durable (not easily damaged). UV stable non- metallic materials can be reused.

Flange packing system

It is suitable for the temperature of 80 °C. Flange packing is a kind of unique solutions to solve the problem of corrosion for a long time. 

Flange packing is a kind of is a kind of composite polymer polarity based coating. Paste form makes it be used without pretreatment. The viscoelastic formulation allows the material to flow into space and gap, resulting in an excellent seal that can be against corrosion.

Packing system because of its easy to use and save time and money. It provides long-term protection. 

Properties: Flange packing can be excellent bonding to iron and steel, FBE (melting epoxy powder), polyurethane. Polyethylene high resistance is weathering / the temperature of anti-salt ranges from 51°C to 80°C filling the voids. The flange surface can be removed / reused without too much preprocessing, using manual or gas gun with flexible to inject gently. This can ensure that the ring slot is completely filled with CZ winding tape before sealing.

E-2400/E2000 high temperature flange packing, it is suitable for 149°C.

E-2400/E2000 high temperature antiseptic flange packing in the design is to protect the flange connection from corrosion at the temperature of 149°C.

E-2400/E2000 is to use a kind of gel to protect the steel flange, bolt, pipe and structure from corrosion by a kind of non-electrolytic method.

Use ASTM-B1117 salt spray test on the nut, Bolt assembly for 2000 hours of testing. The area protected by the E2000/2400 can still be rotated with hand. Proper use of E2000/2400 can help to protect the flange connection from corrosion.

High temperature flange sealing

High temperature flange parts often need to be flat high temperature sealed. If there is no additional sealing with good sealant in the separate pressure region, flange parts, affected by the pressure, will cause manufacturing inaccuracy or deformation, that is to say, in a separate pressure area, there will occurs leakage phenomenon under the pressure and thus need to plan repair. High quality high temperature flat sealing can make it in the standard applications of steam engine, gas engine, high temperature flange keep inert,, so it can bear the heat air, steam, water, light fuel oil and lubricant can be resistant to the crude oil and natural gas. It is a single component and paste sealants. It is suitable for the condition that has a high requirements for the temperature and pressure of smooth and flat sealing surface, flat high-quality sealing compound for on condition that is smooth and flat (butt joint) temperature and pressure requirements of high. Using the plaster knife or rubber scraper stands on dry surface. Because of the sealing products won’t cure, and its consistency will be slightly change to maintain flexibility and elasticity, so there is no time requirements. It can be immediately put into the operation after the construction. If users need to repair the damage of high temperature sealing surface, they should cooperate with repair products.